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A saavy partner for a more seamless experience

We understand the three things that impact the cost of a custom home: size, complexity, and level of finish. We also understand that you could lose the sale if your architect blows your client’s budget. We deliver custom designs at every price point in any architectural style—all with originality and character.


We also know client indecision can have a big impact on scheduling and budget. Our experience in guiding clients to confident decisions helps avoid last-minute requests and construction change orders, resulting in fewer headaches all around.


And because we are part of a larger architectural and engineering firm, we have the size and capacity to work with multiple clients simultaneously, and to produce plans quickly when the schedule demands it.

augusta homes

cornelius, nc

"Their ability to sketch in front of the client and builder different options as they are being discussed is first class."

plattner custom homes

davidson, nc

"They understand what it means to bring a project in on budget while not compromising on creativity."

zellar homes

syracuse, ny

"Zellar Homes won't - and no other builder should -settle for less than achieving this level of service."

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